The ESCort Resource Management System
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  The Problem

Managing employees and assets in the field is a major challenge for companies. Are the employees doing their job and doing it efficiently?
How do managers monitor them without expensive constant surveillance or time consuming reporting mechanisms?
Are your remote assets being properly secured? 
Is issuing and retrieving keys a problem and daily expense?

Are you experiencing loss of service, product or cash?

  Our Solution

  • We have developed a complete system for managing keys, remote assets and field employees via access control, work management, activity tracking and data capture/reporting.
  • The system components are: central controller, electronic keys, electronic locks, software management system and Internet enabled communications.
  • The keys are managed and the data collected by the Internet connected ControlVault.
  • The keys can not be logged out of the system without the knowledge of a pin or the use of a biometric.
  • Only when the keys are issued are they activated and given an expiration date.
  • This provides the security of an electronic credential with the familiarity of a physical key.

  • The locks are drop in replacements for existing mechanical locks.
  • The keys resemble and operate as normal mechanical keys.
  • Each time a key is used it generates data on when and where it was used. This data can be used to track the activities of field personnel.
  • These data points are gathered in the ControlVaultdata base to develop models for activity that is used by management to measure and increase the productivity of the workers.

   How It Works

  1. The ControlVault checks their schedule and programs the key to operate the locks on their assigned route and the length of their shift.
  2. At the end of the day the people return the key to the ControlVault™ where it transfers a log of activities to the data base.
  3. Gaps in activity, unauthorized attempts and other events can trigger an email or text message to a manager. 
  4. Key activity can also be "mined" for information on trends, comparison of worker's productivity, and other measures that you can use to measure and improve efficiency of your procedures and people. 

  • This system does not require expensive radio or cell phone monitoring or elaborate field equipment.
  • No additional duties or paperwork are required of the field employee.
  • The data is available to the manager via a secure server on the network and events can inform him automatically via email or text messaging.

  How It Helps You

   And More!

                    The ESCort System can integrate with other systems and perform other functions such as automating OSHA required vehicle inspections. 

                    We can define complete audit or employee incentive programs that work with your ESCort System to get even more productivity gains.

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(based on our experience in vending and cable TV field installations)

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