The ESCort Asset Management System
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The ControlVault is the heart of the ESCort System.  It is a modular device consisting of a CPU module and one or more other modules, including key "docks", lockers or other modules, depending on the Customer's needs.

The CPU module contains a Kiosk appliance, a web server and the data base.  It is a standard 19 inch rack module but only 6 inches deep.  It can be rack mounted, wall mounted, counter mounted or stand alone.
The touch screen allows key users to enter a PIN (personal ID number).  This number is then referenced to that user and if correct programs and issues a key for where and when he or she is allowed to use it. 

The Dock module is expandable to meet your needs.  Each 10.5", 19 inch rack sized module can be configured with up to 32 key docks. Up to 127 docks can be installed in the basic configuration.  These can be locking or non locking.  A locking door is also optional, either with or without a window.  

Locker modules are also available in any size and shape to fit your application.

All management for the system is accomplished via a standard browser via a local network or the Internet. No special software is required on the system managers' computers.

ESCort Key

The ESCort
Key is a self contained, battery operated key .   About the size of a car key, it powers and controls ESCort™ Locks.  

The ESCort Key works just like a regular mechanical key, except you control which locks it opens and when.

The ESCort Key also keeps an audit trail of uses so you have a record of where the key was and when.

The ESCort Key reads Dallas iButtons.  This feature allows the key to function as a guard tour wand, a vehicle inspection recording device or other application.  The same key is used for iButton and ESC locks so the access control and recording can be integrated into your application.

ESCort Locks

   Vending Plug Lock                Cam Lock               Padlock

ESCort™ Locks are designed to be "drop in" replacements for existing mechanical locks.  No wiring, power supplies, electric strikes or other equipment is required.

Each lock is a high security mechanical lock- AND an electronically controlled lock.  It's face is hardened steel- almost impossible to drill.  Pick resistant mechanical lock is backed up with an electronically controlled pin that cannot be accessed. "Bumping" has no effect on this lock.   Magnets, high voltage, and other means used to access many electric locks will not open this lock.

The ESCort™ Lock has been thoroughly tested at high and low temperatures, temperature cycling, humidity levels and salt fog environments.  It also successfully survived ESD and high voltage (Lightning simulation) tests.

Each lock has a unique electronic ID.    It can also be electronically assigned a route or group number.   This allows an unlimited number of locks to be assigned to a route or group in both the lock and the key.           

Many styles and shapes of ESCort™ Locks are available.  We also design and manufacture custom locks.  What do you need?

ESCort Accessories


Custom accessories are also available for your ESCort system.  We can fabricate custom locks or sheet metal to meet your requirements.

Shown is our ESC Vehicle Vault (EVV).  It is designed to be mounted in a vehicle and used to secure key rings and other equipment.  In this application a Dallas iButton is embedded in both the EVV and the key ring fob. Using the ESC key to operate the EVV gives you a record of when the key ring is locked up in the vault and when it is removed.

Tell us what you would like to accomplish and we can design a product to get it done.

ControlVault™ mini lockers.

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