The ESCort Asset Management System
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Applications for The ESCort Asset Management System           

Vending - Thousands of employees are required to collect money and service vending machines - and there are millions of machines in the field today. Keeping track of employees and their access to these vending machines is a constant challenge. ESCort™ manages both! 

Cable TV - Cable has two huge revenue leaks - employee inefficiency and theft of service. Our system addresses both by controlling access to connections and insuring that procedures are followed. And no paperwork or on line monitoring is required!  ESCort™

Traffic Signals - Like any field device, this equipment needs regular maintenance. Failure can cause fatalities. Did the work get done? Is the equipment protected against unauthorized access or tampering? Did subcontractors do the work for which they were paid? ESCort™ insures compliance while eliminating paperwork.

Railroads- Crews are dispatched to do inspection and maintenance, usually with little supervision. Did they do their job? The recent deadly derailment in England casts doubts. ESCort™ insures procedures are followed-no paperwork or on line monitoring required.

Medical - Keeping track of drugs, delivery, dispensing and disposal is a major undertaking.  The ESCortsystem can increase security while automating record keeping.
Server Farms - How do you control access to sensitive information on servers? Can you track maintenance on each device? Do you know what your technicians are doing inside your facility? ESCort™ can!

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